#BeBling #BeBold with BIJOUX & BLING Born in Dubai, Now in India

A Contemporary Jewelry and Clothing Brand.

We Bijoux & Bling is a one stop shop for all things brimming with whimsy and charm!!

Born in Dubai, Bijoux & Bling, A Chic Jewelry & Clothing Brand is a fashion-forward online and an offline boutique store that offers a wide range of high-quality Gold Plated Jewelry and clothing for women of all generations!!

We believe that fashion is an expression of individuality and our hand picked collection is to help our customers create their own unique style.


More is less in the world of Bling Jewelry!!

We proudly mission to present women the opportunity to create their own Treasure Chest of Bling Jewellery! Hence, we have for you, Unique, handpicked, Chic, Statement pieces or every day/office wear jewelry in Gold Plating such as LAYERED NECKLACES, BOLD EARRINGS, BRACELETS, CHARMING ANKLETS & RINGS.


Our clothing collection features the latest fashion trends, with a focus on bold and statement-making pieces.

We believe that fashion should be fun and accessible to everyone.

To discover bold and statement pieces and add bling to your wardrobe, Shop BIJOUX & BLING!!